Panda 4.1

The secrets of the new Panda 4.1

Being the latest improvement of the Panda algorithm, the amazing Panda 4.1 is not very likely to be too familiar to you. However, its undeniable advantages and improvements deserve to be appreciated, deserve to be well-known. This is why, I find important to point out some of its main aspects and impacts.

Being the latest version of the Panda updates, this application also deals with detecting and filtering out low-quality contents. In this regard you may question yourself about whether is there any point in trying this new service or not. I am pretty sure, that after you’ll find out what it does, what this new update suggest in contrast with the older ones, all your doubts will disappear.

Panda 4.1 impacts 3-5 % of search queries, which suggests a greater and more precise possibility to manage the page rankings. According to the producers reviews this update works with more signals, in order to be more effective.

Moreover, this new version means a step further to new chances as well. If you were penalized by Panda in the last update, now you will have the chance to show up once again. However, all this can turn many things in a different direction as well. It may happen that you haven’t been hit before, but you will be hit soon by Panda 4.1.

Another good to know thing according to the latest statistics related to this new update is that games, lyrics and medical portals stand on the looser side of the Search Metric lists.

By choosing Panda 4.1 you can definitely be sure about three main things: new signals, new chances and more precise assessments.