Online Marketing Predictions for the new year

Every year you can find speculations about the markets, about what they should do in the upcoming year and this may help marketing professionals. With these predictions they will have some foresight about the activity they might do,  but even with this the markets are under pressure, everyone is waiting to know what will happen in the new year.


One of the popular predictions are Rand Fishkin’s predictions, whose predictions in previous years were extremely useful. Here are the ten most important predictions:

1. Obtaining Internet degrees will be very common, which means that a non-for-profit university (USA) might offer a degree program in Internet Marketing specialisation. This will include subjects of SEO, because marketing jobs need knowledge in search engine optimization as well as in digital marketing.

2. There will be more and more of the instant answers for Google users, so they can get immediate answers to their questions. Google already provides this to many of the more common questions.

3. Web content will be included in Facebook’s searches, meaning that Facebook may include non-facebook web data in their searches.

4. Google will increase its indexing of Twitter, which allows you to come across Twitter tweets, profiles, hashtags, while you’re doing your searches, this may bring Twitter forward on Google searches.

5. The search results in Europe may change by regulation, which reduces Google’s authority. This process has started already.

6. Traffic source data will become more challenging, because of the mobile usage, mobile search, apps and devices. This way it is more difficult to get traffic source data due to their operating technologies, and it will be harder to know where the traffic comes from.

7. Consolidation will continue in the content advertising/recommendation platforms sector, which means that Taboola or Outbrain could be acquired or might do their own acquiring, which can be Yahoo, Facebook, Buzzfeed, Google or AOL.


8. Pinterest will grow its base, by the promoted pins; its importance will develop in social advertising and media.

9. Foursquare and/or Swarm merge with other companies or close their doors, they may have good ideas, but none of them has high rankings. Merging can be possible because they have valuable data about check ins.

10. Increase in power and market share, where mobile search won’t really affect the advertising finances brought by Google, and Amazon won’t take search share from Google, despite that it could easily do that.