Online Marketing Predictions for the new year

Every year you can find speculations about the markets, about what they should do in the upcoming year and this may help marketing professionals. With these predictions they will have some foresight about the activity they might do,  but even with this the markets are under pressure, everyone is waiting to know what will happen in the new year.


One of the popular predictions are Rand Fishkin’s predictions, whose predictions in previous years were extremely useful. Here are the ten most important predictions:

1. Obtaining Internet degrees will be very common, which means that a non-for-profit university (USA) might offer a degree program in Internet Marketing specialisation. This will include subjects of SEO, because marketing jobs need knowledge in search engine optimization as well as in digital marketing. Read more


A Site Structure which Enhances SEO

A well planned site structure will definitely improve a website to get higher rankings on searching engines. In this article you will find some really useful ideas of building a strong site structure, tips to get higher ranking, the best SERP listings, and how to make your site more visible for the potential customers.

seo usaThe site structure is an essential aspect of SEO’s performance, however just a few owners pay enough attention to this feature. An excellent design means a well made structure. It’s relevant for your website to have a structure with logic that ensures an efficient navigation, so it can be cognitively fulfilling for the users.
The site structure can determine whether the users and the search engines understand the purpose and the topic of your webpage, and how efficiently they can use it.
It’s important for your site to have a rich click-through rate (CTR), which is a way to measure your site’s success, and a high dwell time to improve rankings in the search engine result page (SERP). Read more


SEO for the future of your business

The purpose of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is to make your page get high ranking, to appear on the first pages of the search engines, being more visible this way for the potential customers, and that’s what you need for a well working business. The internet users find the information, the products or the services they need with the help of the search engines (like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.), and if your website is on the first pages, it will attract more customers. It’s a fact that people usually check only the sites they find  on the first pages of the search engines.

There are different parts of SEO, like the keyword analysis, website analysis, link profile analysis, link building, on-site optimization, off-site optimization, reporting and monitoring, etc. The right keywords are relevant for your page, because they can guide the clients to your page, like the backlinks from  high-ranked pages. Poor-quality sites can damage your site’s value. Read more

Competition analysis

Overcome your rival with SEO’s competition analysis

If you have an online business with a great website, and you have an excellent traffic on it, but you still experience that your competitors have higher income, or more customers, competition analysis, which is part of SEO services, can solve your problem. You will need more unique and relevant keywords, better performance for some parts of it. You have to make your page visible and easy to use, and that’s the way to create a functional website. But for a working business you will need to compare yourself with the potential competitors too. This is why competition analysis is important for your business.

Competition analysis in SEO is about getting a higher ranking then your competitor, by knowing more about your concurrency, about the strategy they use to convince the customers to choose them and to buy their products and use their services. You have to observe their website and advertisements, public releases, their way to contact the buyers, interviews by their managers, etc. By assessing the opponent, you can make yourself a better strategist, and strive for creating a better business then your competitors. Read more


Making the most out of your business with website analysis

Website analysis is indispensable for every website owner. This is how you can find out the amount of visitors to your website. The percentage of who came from outside sources, like search engines or inbound links or any other sources, it also tells the number of the new visitors, the ranking of your page in the search engine results for your website’s keywords. This is very useful information for you, because you can guide your business by making you decide what is working well and what is not.

When it comes to keywords and search results, website analysis can help you by showing which of your keywords are the most effective, it’s important to choose the right keywords for the target audience. The traffic volume is something you have to pay attention too. You have to know where your traffic comes from if you want to increase it, the analysis can show the quality of your traffic too. Website analysis is responsae for link checking  too, so you can see the links which are connected to your website, and help maintain your site’s professional appearance. Read more

Panda 4.1

The secrets of the new Panda 4.1

Being the latest improvement of the Panda algorithm, the amazing Panda 4.1 is not very likely to be too familiar to you. However, its undeniable advantages and improvements deserve to be appreciated, deserve to be well-known. This is why, I find important to point out some of its main aspects and impacts.

Being the latest version of the Panda updates, this application also deals with detecting and filtering out low-quality contents. In this regard you may question yourself about whether is there any point in trying this new service or not. I am pretty sure, that after you’ll find out what it does, what this new update suggest in contrast with the older ones, all your doubts will disappear.

Panda 4.1 impacts 3-5 % of search queries, which suggests a greater and more precise possibility to manage the page rankings. According to the producers reviews this update works with more signals, in order to be more effective. Read more


Optimize your search engine for your benefit

Search engine optimizer is not a new concept in fact it all began in the 1990-s. Since then the search engine evolved a great deal and it ensures fairness in rakings. Google uses a complex algorithm and change it every day so that no fraud can happen.

Search engine optimizer is a really easy way to get you online page noticed and there a few methods that can help you with this: first of all use a “nice URL” so that people can read what your site is about, second when your making your site use keywords that are well know so when people type them in the search engine will find your site more relevant,third: make your site “easy on the eyes”  this means that soft colours are more attractive to people rather then really bright colors.

The most important thing is that the information on the site has to be relevant and useful so that next time the search engine brings up a specific URL then your site will be on the top of the list. This is thanks to the algorithms that measure the amount of time people spend on a given site and the most relevant are placed on the first tree pages  of the search engine. Read more