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Online Marketing Predictions for the new year

Every year you can find speculations about the markets, about what they should do in the upcoming year and this may help marketing professionals. With these predictions they will have some foresight about the activity they might do,  but even with this the markets are under pressure, everyone is waiting to know what will happen […]

A Site Structure which Enhances SEO

A well planned site structure will definitely improve a website to get higher rankings on searching engines. In this article you will find some really useful ideas of building a strong site structure, tips to get higher ranking, the best SERP listings, and how to make your site more visible for the potential customers. The […]

SEO for the future of your business

The purpose of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is to make your page get high ranking, to appear on the first pages of the search engines, being more visible this way for the potential customers, and that’s what you need for a well working business. The internet users find the information, the products or the services […]

Overcome your rival with SEO’s competition analysis

If you have an online business with a great website, and you have an excellent traffic on it, but you still experience that your competitors have higher income, or more customers, competition analysis, which is part of SEO services, can solve your problem. You will need more unique and relevant keywords, better performance for some […]

The secrets of the new Panda 4.1

Being the latest improvement of the Panda algorithm, the amazing Panda 4.1 is not very likely to be too familiar to you. However, its undeniable advantages and improvements deserve to be appreciated, deserve to be well-known. This is why, I find important to point out some of its main aspects and impacts. Being the latest […]